Winter Race #3

Dawgwood Speedway Winter Race 1-31-15
A full race schedule. We will run any class with 3 or more entries. Gates open at 10am with practice starting at 12.

$500 To Win in Pro Box Stock EL, Pro Clone HT-3 & Super Heavy EL
2. $200
3. $100
Entry $50
15 KM

$300 To Win in Box Stock Heavy EL, Clone Heavy HT-3 & Pro Blue
2. $100
3. $50
Entry $30
15 KM

All other classes $20 entry fee with 100% payback.

Amateur $10 entry with 100% payback

Gate price $10
7 & under free if not racing


5186 Hwy 225 South
Chatsworth, Georgia 30705


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