One week away!!! Are you ready?!?! CRI KartMania… at the Beach!!!
Reasons for coming to the beach include;
* Exhibits from the best of the best karting businesses!!
* The Maxxis National Championship Banquet
* MId-Atlantic Series Championship awards
* Unlimited All-Stars Championship awards
* Special appearance by Bad Dog Nation‘s Bobby Brantley (formerly
of Lizard Lick Towing)
* Over a dozen Vintage Karts on display
* KartWars Custom Kart Show
* Special section of exhibitors, just for the ladies!!!!
….. and so much more!!!!
If you need more reasons…..
* Myrtle Beach SC is one of the world’s most visited vacation area,
with miles of beautiful coastline on the Atlantic Ocean!!
* Convention Center is only two blocks off the beach!!
* No shortage of shopping, lodging, dining, or party options!!!
* It might be a lil chilly, but we won’t have to worry about snow and/or

No excuses accepted!! Come and join us January 23-24 in beautiful Myrtle Beach SC!!!
Admission to the show? $5 (family of 4 only $15!!) Kids under 6 FREE!

Exhibitors registered include;
Maxxis Kart Racing
Phantom Racing Chassis
National Karting Alliance
Palmetto Speed Shop
Dawgwood Speedway
National Karting League
P&R Photos Image Solutions
Chase’n Race’n Illustrated
LJ Dezigns, LLC.
Maxxis Mid Atlantic Dirt Series
Scott Lynn Designs
WMS Race Products/Tuck-n-Run
Larry Jones Motorsports
Premier Racing Chassis
Nitro Gear
Burris Racing
TMC Racewear
Venom Juice Products / Kevin Bishop Racing Development
Bordeaux DynoCams
Hi-Tech Racing and Millenium Racing Chassis
G-Man Race Products
ARC Racinging
David Alewine/Power House Racing Engines
Schu Power Motorsports
Kart Insider
Jex Manufacturing, Inc.
Track Tac Tire Treatments
Ultramax Racing
Concept Graphics
JRPW Racing, Inc.
Kinetik Racing Chassis
Blaze Martin Race Engines
Seay HiPerformance
Titan Racing Chassis
Tredway Speed Shop
S&M Racing
Racing Carbs/Eric Vause
Ford’s Fuel and Propane
Pex RacingChassis
Charger Racing Chassis
TS Racing
Kenneth Bray Motorsports / Formula 4 Tire Preps
Trick/Olimpic Racing Chassis
Pure Money Tire Preps / Chavous Racing Products
UAS/ Mark Bergfelt Racing
Hoosier Racing Tire
Tod Miller Racing Engines
Advanced Design Leathers
Cash’s Karting
VanK Wheels, Inc.
Martin Custom Products (MCP Brakes)
Competition Karting Inc.
Kartsport Media
Superior Tire Management
Kevin Smith Racing Engines (KSR)
GT Machine
DynoCams Tri-State Pro Series

…. and just for the ladies, we’ll have a special section with exhibitors that will certainly make your day at the beach more enjoyable!!
Silpada Jewelry
You Unique
Rivertown Bangles
Pam’s Thirty-One
and a couple more that we don’t have the “official names” for just yet!!! lol

Karting business and still haven’t registered for a booth????
We still have room for a few more!!!! Contact us today!!!

Registration available online at

National Karting League Presents Swamp Water Nationals, Feb. 13 & 14
National Karting League Presents:

Swamp Water Nationals
Crossroads Motorplex
Jasper, Florida
February 13 & 14

Pro Clone HT-3
1. $5000
2. $2000
3. $1000
4. $500
5. $300
6. $250
7. $225
8. $200
9. $175
10. $100
*Entry Fee $125*

Pro Clone EL
Pro Super Heavy HT-3
JR 3 Pro HT-3
1. $2000
2. $800
3. $400
4. $200
5. $150
*Entry Fee $95*

Jr 1 Pro (8-10) #265 HT-3
Jr 2 Pro (10-13) #290 HT-3
1. $1000
2. $400
3. $200
4. $100
5. $85
*Entry Fee $85*

Pro Animal #375 HT-3
1. $1000
2. $400
3. $200
4. $100
5. $85
*Entry Fee $75*

Clone Medium HT-3
Clone Heavy HT-3
1. $2000
2. $800
3. $400
4. $200
5. $150
*24 Kart Minimum*
*Entry Fee $95*

Friday Night’s Classes
1. Jr. 2 Lite (10-13) #275 HT-3
2. Jr. 3 Lite (12-15) #300 HT-3
3. Clone Medium EL #350
4. Clone Super Heavy EL #425
5. Senior Champ Lite (Animal) #410 HT-3
6. Limited Flathead (80 Over) #375 HT-3
7. Animal Heavy #375 HT-3
1. $500
2. $200
3. $100
4. $75
5. $65
*Entry $60*
*15 KM*

8. Pro Animal #375 HT-3
Payout Guaranteed:
1. $1000
2. $400
3. $200
4. $100
5. $85
*Entry Fee $75*

Saturday’s Classes
1. Red Plate (5-7) #235 HT-3
2. Jr. 1 Heavy (8-10) #265 HT-3
3. Jr. 2 Heavy (10-13) #290 HT-3
4. Jr. 3 Heavy (12-15) #320 HT-3
5. Clone Heavy EL #375
6. Senior Stock #375 HT-3
7. Senior Champ Heavy (Animal) #425 HT-3
8. Clone Super Heavy #425 HT-3
1. $500
2. $200
3. $100
4. $75
5. $65
*Entry Fee $60*
*15 KM*

9. Jr. 1 Pro (8-10) #265 HT-3
10. Jr 2 Pro (10-13) #290 HT-3
Payouts Guaranteed:
1. $1000
2. $400
3. $200
4. $100
5. $85
*Entry Fee $85*

11. Jr. 3 Pro (12-15) #320 HT-3
Payout Guranteed:
1. $2000
2. $800
3. $400
4. $200
5. $150
*Entry Fee $95*

12. Clone Medium #350 HT-3
13. Clone Heavy #375 HT-3
1. $2000
2. $800
3. $400
4. $200
5. $150
*Entry Fee $95*
*24 KM*

14. Pro EL #375
15. Pro Super Heavy #425 HT-3
Payouts Guaranteed:
1. $2000
2. $800
3. $400
4. $200
5. $150
*Entry Fee $95*

16. Pro Clone HT-3
1. $5000
2. $2000
3. $1000
4. $500
5. $300
6. $250
7. $225
8. $200
9. $175
10. $100
*Entry Fee $125*

General Information:
*All classes that do not meet kart minimum will pay a 100% payout.
*All Junior classes will use small pipe.
*All Adult classes will use big pipe.
*All classes are open clutches.
*Borderline Junior drivers can advance ONE division.
*All classes will run 20 lap features.
*Pro Clone will run a 50 lap feature.
*Junior classes will start 24 karts.
*Adult classes will start 30 karts.
*Raceceiver’s mandatory in all classes.
*Gate Armbands are to be worn at all times.
*All classes that exceed kart count will run an 8 lap consi.
*Transponders must be in a pouch mounted on steering shaft.
*Muffler rule in all classes except Limited Flathead.

Gates will open Friday at 2pm.
Friday practice will begin at 7pm.

Saturday gates will open at 7am.
Saturday practice will begin at 9am.

Track Address
5467 State Road 6 West
Jennings, Florida 32052

Hotel Information:

Valdosta Georgia (15 miles from track)
Motel 6 ( 229-559-5660)
Holiday Inn (229-244-1111)
Comfort Suites (229-249-8880)
Hampton Inn & Suites (229-241-1234)
Country Inn & Suites (229-245-1700)

Lake Park Georgia-(12 miles from track)
Hampton Inn (229-559-5565)
Days Inn (229-559-0229)
Quality Inn (229-559-5181)
Super 8 (229-559-8111)

Parking will go on sale January5th.
Parking will be $25 per spot.
Contact Rodney @ 678-910-1989
Please call after 4pm.

**We have less than 20 sponsor parking spots left, if you are interested in sponsor parking packages please call Keisha Glover at 404-660-1272 ASAP**

Thanks to our sponsors who have already came on board!
Goldspeed U.S.A.
National Karting Alliance
Double A Graphics
Bryson Motorsports
Chasen Racen Illustrated
Concept Graphics
Kevin Smith Racing Engines
Halls Racing
Superior Tire Management
Evans & Hood Racing/William Croft Homes
Kenneth Bray Motorsports/Formula 4 Tire Preps
Jeff Haynie
Jermey Mullinax/HRE Racing Engines
Blaze Martin Racing Engines
Blackout Racing/Boo McDonald Racing
Cash’s Karting
Ad Leathers
Kinetik Racing Chassis
Danny Brackett/Brody Ridley
LA Motorsports/Pink Magic Tire Prep
Venom Juice Tire Products
Flooramerica Motorsports/Liquid Lighting
Zman Racing/Mike Wells Towing
Tod Miller Racing Engines
Accelerate Automotive
The Box Stock Project
Countertop Plus
Dyno Cams
Phantom Racing Chassis
Hunter Curtis Performance
MC Motorsports
H&H Farms
Steve Jackson Racing
Torqued Grafix
Armor Packaging Corp.
LJ Dezigns
TopNotch Graphics and Apparel

New Website layout including new mobile website.

To kick off 2015 Dawgwood Speedway has updated it website including its mobile website.

New Schedule Page

We have completely redone our schedule page. Now you can click on events and see more information on that event including race times.

Scheduler on the Go

With scheduler on the Go you can keep Dawgwood’s racing schedule in the palm of your hand.

New Homepage

We have completely torn down our old homepage. now when you come to you will see the latest post/news.

Dawgwood Speedway Winter Series Race #1
This Saturday December 6th will kick off our first of six races. A full race schedule. We will run any class will 3 or more entries. Gates open at 10am with practice starting at 12.

$500 To Win in Pro Box Stock EL & Pro Clone HT-3.
2. $200
3. $100
Entry $50
15 KM

$300 To Win in Box Stock Heavy EL & Clone Heavy HT-3
2. $100
3. $50
Entry $30
15 KM

All other classes $20 entry fee with 100% payback.

Amateur $10 entry with 100% payback

Gate price $10
7 & under free if not racing

All parking is open and free.

Hope to see everyone out.

Other Winter dates

December 13
January 17
January 31
February 7
February 21

Sponsorship packages for the National Karting League series are now available!

Our goal with this series is to offer the racers something a little different, while staying committed to bringing you a consistent race program and well officiated events. All events will be a Fri/Sat race program. This series will be a 7 race series, with 6 of races being for points.

We FINALLY have our dates and tracks locked down!

February 13/14 2015- Crossroads Motorplex- Jasper, Florida
March 20/21 2015- Dawgwood Speedway- Chatsworth,GA
April 17/18 2015- Thunder Valley Motor Complex- Neeses, SC
June 5/6 2015- Blacksburg, SC
August, 22 2015- Tri-County- Brasstown, NC (Non Points)
September 12/13- Talladega Short Track- Talladega, AL
October 23/24- Dawgwood Speedway- Chatsworth, GA (The Duel)

Our plan is to run 6-7 events on the Fridays, and 16 events on Saturdays. We feel that by keeping the race lineup at a reasonable number, the quality and racers at each event will shine. Promoter Rodney Byers was an avid racer for 28 years before owning a race track and race series, so he understands the racers point of view on many levels and will strive to ALWAYS keep the racers best interest at heart. We are so excited to be bringing this elite traveling karting series to all of you! While working on sponsorship packages, Rodney and Mr. Norman Bryson have committed to only accepting a certain amount at each level. With only allowing a certain amount, it allows us to give you what we promise you in your sponsorship package.

Sponsorship packages are as follows:

$1200 for all 7 events
Package includes: 2 PRIME parking spots, 2 gate passes.
Full price of this package if paid PER event is $1470.00, savings of $270 by purchasing package.
For choosing this sponsorship package you will also be listed as a sponsor of the series on all race fliers, NKL website, as well as the official NKL apparel.
*15 packages available

$2500 for all 7 events
Package includes: 3 PRIME parking spots, 4 gate passes, OFFICIAL sponsor of one junior class or adult class (excluding pro).
Full price of this package if paid PER event is $3,000, savings of $500 by purchasing package.
For choosing this sponsorship package you will have you logo on ALL trophy checks as well as listed as a series sponsor on all race fliers, listed on NKL website, and official NKL apparel.
*10 packages available

$5,000 for all 7 events
Package includes: 5 PRIME parking spots, 4 gate passes, OFFICIAL PRO class sponsor and official points class sponsor.
Full price of this package if paid PER event is $5700, savings of $700 by purchasing package.
For choosing this sponsorship package you will have your logo on the OFFICIAL NKL souvenir/registration trailer, NKL website, logo on all NKL staff shirts, logo on all trophy checks, as well as listed as series sponsor on all race fliers and NKL apparel.
*7 packages available

We know there are businesses that do not actually race, and do not desire any of the parking or gate passes, but still want to support and be part of sponsoring. We have 2 different business sponsorship packages that we will offer.

Bronze business sponsorship package
Your name/logo will be listed all official race fliers, on the NKL website, and NKL apparel.

Diamond business sponsorship package
Your name/logo will be listed on the official NKL souvenir/registration trailer, listed on all trophy checks, as well as all NKL race fliers and apparel.

If you or your company is interested in being the OFFICIAL TITLE SPONSOR for the entire series, please email us regarding pricing!

If you are interested in ANY of the packages, PLEASE send us an email to:

In the email please state what package you are interested in, along with your name, mailing address, and phone number.

If you choose to commit to purchase a package, we will mail you an invoice and you will have until January 19, 2015 to pay for your package in full.

Other MISC series information:
-Any class that averages 10 or more entries at each event will receive custom leather jacket to points winner.
-At the end of the season there will be trophies given to the TOP 3 IN EVERY CLASS.
-Trophy checks will be given for ALL CLASS AT ALL EVENTS.
-If there is a kart minimum in any specific classes and it is not met, it will be 100% payback!
-All classes will be 20 laps except the PRO classes.
-All adult classes will start 30 drivers.
-All junior classes will start 20 except Pro Green and Pro Blue, those will start 24.


5186 Hwy 225 South
Chatsworth, Georgia 30705


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