Points Race #2 Info

Points Race #2 Info

In order to help speed up the registration line this weekend for points will do pre entries. This is how it will work. Head on over to our website and fill out your class info. On race day all you have to do is pay and give your id for your transponder. You can still sign up at the track on race day. This is just to help speed up the line.


Online Registration Link


This week

$500 to win Pro Clone EL, Pro Super Heavy EL
Entry $50
15 km

1. $500
2. $200
3. $100

Don’t forget our Classic Flathead Class
Legal WKA Flathead
Chassis must be at least 10 years old
Open tire
Open clutch
No entry fee


Other classes

Red Plate 6-8 #245 (gear rule 16-64)
Green Plate 8-10 #265
Purple Plate 10-12 #280
Blue Plate 12-15 #310
Jr. Champ 8-15 #310
Box Stock Lite #325
Box Stock Medium #350
Box Stock Heavy #375
Senior Stock #375
Box Stock Super Heavy #425
Amateur #375
(all above classes run Maxxis EL’s)

Limited Flathead #375/Animal #410
(any Maxxis tire)

Clone Medium #350
Clone Heavy #375
Senior Champ #425
(HT-3 Classes)

Anyone that can outrun JR Tippens in any class he enters wins an additional $100
1. He must be running at the finish of the race, if he pulls off he better have something wrong.
2. He cannot be wrecked.
3. You must be legal in tech to claim the money.
4. Good luck, because I don’t want to give him any of my money.

For info contact Rodney at 678-910-1989