New choices coming to Dawgwood starting January 7th

Starting on January 7th Dawgwood Speedway would like to welcome aboard for the 2017 racing season Burris Racing Tires. Now, before everyone strokes out nothing is going to change as for our normal classes we have been running. No one has to run out and buy a different tire to run with us. We will still offer these classes on Maxxis tires.

Red Plate
JR 1
JR 2
JR 3
Stock Lite
Stock Medium
Stock Heavy
Super Heavy
Pro Stock

But for a change for some we will offer a few classes for the Burris folks.

Stock Medium
Stock Heavy
Super Heavy
Pro Stock
And maybe a JR class or two.

As for our Champ Buggies, Limited, Amateur and our new Predator class you can run either tire.

Any Burris 33 tire will be legal to run through February. After a few shows to see how everything works out we will make a decision on which compound we will be running in the regular season.



5186 Hwy 225 South
Chatsworth, Georgia 30705


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