November 16, 2018

Burris Southeast Tour

Point Series Awards:

1st Custom Trophy, Burris Jacket, One set of Burris Tires
2nd Custom Trophy
3rd Custom Trophy


2018 Burris SE Tour Points 

Jr 2 Purple Points

2018 Schedule

June 23rd
Dawgwood Speedway
Chatsworth, GA

July 28th
Dumplin Valley Raceway
Kodak, TN

September 1st
Beaver Creek Speedway
Toney, AL

Classes and Payout

  • Red Plate (#245, Ages 5-8,Gear rule will vary at each track)
  • Jr. 1 Green (#265, Ages,8-10)
  • Jr. 2 Purple (#290 Ages,10-12)
  • Jr. 3 Blue Lite (#310 Ages,12-15)
  • Jr. 3 Blue Heavy (#320 Ages,12-15)
  • Jr. Champ (#315, Ages 8-12)
  • Stock Lite #325
  • Stock Medium #350
  • Stock Heavy #375
  • Super Heavy (#425, driver must weigh 200lbs)
  • Senior Stock (#375, Ages 35 and over)
  • Sumo Heavy (#450, driver must weigh 225lbs)
  • Stock Predator (#375, rules can be found on under rules)
  • Senior Champ (#425, Animal)
  • Limited (F/H #350, A #375)
  • RYWB
  • Open Modified 14.5 CI (OHV #375)(F/H #360)(Limited #325)


-Engine rules are NKA or AKRA.
– All classes are either 33’s except for champ classes which are 33’s or 55’s.
-Plate racer’s can advance one division.
-Plate racer’s age on January 1st will determine what class you race for the rest of the season.
-All plate racers are still pipe. Adult classes are big pipe.
-Best five of six races.

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