August 21, 2018

Burris Southeast Tour

Point Series Awards:

1st Custom Trophy, Burris Jacket, One set of Burris Tires
2nd Custom Trophy
3rd Custom Trophy


2018 Burris SE Tour Points 

2018 Schedule

June 23rd
Dawgwood Speedway
Chatsworth, GA

July 28th
Dumplin Valley Raceway
Kodak, TN

September 1st
Beaver Creek Speedway
Toney, AL

Classes and Payout

  • Red Plate (#245, Ages 5-8,Gear rule will vary at each track)
  • Jr. 1 Green (#265, Ages,8-10)
  • Jr. 2 Purple (#290 Ages,10-12)
  • Jr. 3 Blue Lite (#310 Ages,12-15)
  • Jr. 3 Blue Heavy (#320 Ages,12-15)
  • Jr. Champ (#315, Ages 8-12)
  • Stock Lite #325
  • Stock Medium #350
  • Stock Heavy #375
  • Super Heavy (#425, driver must weigh 200lbs)
  • Senior Stock (#375, Ages 35 and over)
  • Sumo Heavy (#450, driver must weigh 225lbs)
  • Stock Predator (#375, rules can be found on under rules)
  • Senior Champ (#425, Animal)
  • Limited (F/H #350, A #375)
  • RYWB
  • Open Modified 14.5 CI (OHV #375)(F/H #360)(Limited #325)


-Engine rules are NKA or AKRA.
– All classes are either 33’s except for champ classes which are 33’s or 55’s.
-Plate racer’s can advance one division.
-Plate racer’s age on January 1st will determine what class you race for the rest of the season.
-All plate racers are still pipe. Adult classes are big pipe.
-Best five of six races.

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